Custom Cable Assemblies

Description du produit

BIRNS custom-designs and manufactures connectors from nearly any material, performs oil-filled cable assembly, splices and breakouts, and molding of epoxy, polyurethane, neoprene and other materials in our NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-020 certified facility.
We perform hydrostatic pressure testing (to 20,000 PSI) electrical testing (to10kV), helium leak testing, triple optical testing, and in-house mechanical straight or side pull testing to 16,000 pounds.

Custom Cable Assemblies Can Incorporate Any Combination of:

High density (186 ways), high-voltage (=4.0kV/conductor), complex wiring (TSP, TST, TSQ) and coaxial cable. BIRNS electrical technicians and inspectors are certified IPC Specialists per J-STD-001 Class 3, and work is performed per IPC-A-610C.

Single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers: <1.0db mm="" loss="" 850nm="" 1300nm="" 1="" 0db="" sm="" 1310nm="" 1550nm="" typical="" per-contact="" 0="" 5db="" testing="" per="" ansi="" tia="" eia-455="" birns="" optical="" technicans="" are="" eta-i="" certified="" br="">
BIRNS performs mechanical termination of load-bearing cables with central or coaxial stress members of Aramid fiber or steel; no load is transmitted to electrical conductors or optical fibers.

Technical Data
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