Modèle double Kelvin

Projecteur de taille moyenne montés en paire sur support fournissant un éclairage total de 32 000 Lumens au lieu de 16 000.
Même utilisation que le modèle Kelvin seul.
Description du produit

BIRNS Dual KelvinTM
The BIRNS Dual KelvinTM, BIRNS Model 2501, is the world’s simplest, most durable and dependable fuel pool lighting fixture. This powerful light is widely used for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals, reactor cavity illumination during fuel movement and other large-scale activities. Its well engineered design makes it brilliant, easily decontaminated, and relampable in 60 seconds with your choice of wide, medium or narrow beam lamps. Its lamp protector is Lexan polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant of all thermoplastics—more than 30 times the impact resistance of safety glass. This proven system provides more than 300% the radiation tolerance of acrylic.

Includes two Model 5801 BIRNS Kelvin lights (your choice of beam angle), a 1.5m SS mounting pole, and a dual power cable assembly (standard length: 15m from top of pole). Custom lengths of pole and cable are available. Provides 30,000+ lumens with 120V/1,000W/4,000-hour rated lamps, in one easy to use, lightweight unit. Instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability; no ballast necessary.

The BIRNS Kelvin is designed for underwater use in areas with high levels of radiation and nuclear contamination. While widely used as a general-area lighting fixture in new and spent fuel pools, it is also used for localized inspection and for in-core use during refuel operations. It is designed to be mounted for general-purpose area light use, but can be suspended by its cable as well. It’s an excellent light for general-purpose illumination, and is also perfect for both color or black and white photography and video.

• 30,000+ lumens
Brilliant 3200K tungsten lamp, provides true-white color
• 4,000-hour rated lamp life

• 60-second tool-free relamping

• Seismically qualified per IEEE-344
Free-flooding housing for high-efficiency water cooling
• Compatible with all commercial grade Class A GFCI’s (ground- fault circuit interrupters)
3 beam angle options and two lamp materials options
• Integral underwater connectors, designed for easy operation
• Rugged, all stainless steel “inside-containment” construction

Ordering Information:
Model 2501 Dual Kelvin Assembly

• Two model 5801, BIRNS Kelvin lights, with choice of lamp beam angles (See more information below)

• One item 17F-049 Power Cable Assembly (standard length: 15m/50' from top of pole), Aquaprene. (Contact BIRNS to upgrade to optional Super-Vutron cable, Item 17F-049-SV)

• One item 44L-015 Dual Kelvin stainless steel Mounting Pole Assembly. (Contact BIRNS to upgrade to item 44L-001 Pole Assembly, with lift bail)

Technical Data
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