Disrupteur 20mm WIZARD

The power of the new Wizard Recoilless Disrupter will successfully decap a pipe bomb with watershot only. The Wizard Disrupter is lightweight and ideally suited for robotic applications. The lack of recoil minimizes damage to the mechanics on robotic platforms. This not only saves money on expensive repairs, but also reduces the time your robot may be out of commission.The Wizard Disrupter may also be used for manual deployment and can even be fired from a regular camera tripod, causing no damage to the disrupter or its stand.The Wizard Disrupter is user-friendly and easy to assemble, with no breech andno tools required for setup and preparation. Kit includes sturdy, watertight, Pelican case for transport and storage.

Unique Features

  • The use of water as opposed to a solid projectile to decap a pipe bomb prevents sparking and reduces the risk of the pipe bomb high-ordering.
  • Removable, barrel-mounted Single or Dual Laser Pointer for precision aiming (optional accessories).
  • Long range.