Articulating Helmet Mount

BIRNS AquilaTM Articulating Helmet Mount

The BIRNS AquilaTM Articulating Helmet Mount, BIRNS model 44C-007 is the most versatile helmet light mount in the diving industry. This lightweight, adjustable mount is tailored for one of the of the company’s most popular lighting families—for the BIRNS AquilaTM, BIRNS Aquila-LEDTM and BIRNS Aquila-UVTM. Designed by Jeff Kirby, BIRNS’ Mechanical Design Engineer (and eldest son of Bob Kirby, of Kirby Morgan helmets) it’s designed with exceptional safety and performance attributes, and tailored to fit on the faceplates of the entire line of Kirby Morgan DSI helmets. The innovative design allows for articulated movement of any BIRNS Aquila to swivel in all directions, providing an unmatched level of flexibility in usage.

This revolutionary new BIRNS Aquila Articulating Helmet Mount sets the benchmark for safety as well as utility, engineered to help prevent cables or equipment from catching on the light or bracket. Crafted from black anodized aluminum, its low profile (a mere 3.5” exposed profile above the helmet surface) lends itself to safe and accurate usage in a wide range of diving conditions. The exclusive design features a quick release locking handle for seamless positioning adjustment, and it can be fastened to either side of a helmet in seconds.

This rugged, well engineered mount is customizable for all commericial diving, offshore, and subsea inspection uses.

• Low profile

• Swivels seamlessly to be set in any direction

• Can lock onto either side of any Kirby Morgan helmet