BIRNS Snooper III™

BIRNS Snooper IIITM Rugged Deep-Sea Light
The new BIRNS SnooperIIITM, BIRNS model 5567, (NSN 6230-01-025- 5628) is an intensely brilliant 3km-rated, 3250K underwater light. Unmatched in durability and dependability, the BIRNS Snooper is now available with a new backwards compatible conversion kit with an innovative new lamp, reflector, base and lamp base mount, providing seamless adaption for any legacy system. There are tens of thousands of existing BIRNS Snooper systems in the field—many of them on vehicles and used by divers—still working perfectly since the 1960s.

This incredible multi-purpose light blazes with 33,000 lumens and has a choice of 400 to 1,200W lamp and four different lens options—so it’s perfect for a vast range of marine and deep sea applications. It can be hand held or yoke mounted to practically any surface or vehicle for decades of powerful underwater illumination.

The system includes choice of white light lamp, lens, and mount, with an available handgrip that is now detachable—plus, the BIRNS Snooper can now mount on its new mounting boss for maximum space savings and versatility. It features an instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability, with no ballast necessary and comes complete with a detachable CEF3S power cable assembly.

The BIRNS Snooper is used by divers, on diving bells, submarines and ROVs across the world, thanks to its extremely rugged fixture, proven to stand up to heavy mechanical abuse. This customizable light also provides unmatched illumination options for underwater filming and photography.

• Brilliant 3250K illumination—highly polished internal parabolic reflector, with high-output Tungsten-Halogen lamp in focal point
• Bulletproof lens, reinforced, tempered cast body with mechanical impact protection and four sealing operations
• Optional customization to fit a wide range of demanding applications
• Versatility of configuring options include 4 lenses, 3 mounts, and 6+ lamps

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