BIRNS Snooperette-UV

BIRNS Snooperette-UVTM

The BIRNS Snooperette-UVTM, model 5676, Ultra Violet (UV) is a powerful, cutting-edge lighting system for the commercial diving and ROV market that brings incredibly versatile new options to a wide range of Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) projects. With this unique BIRNS UV helmet light, divers can have both hands free while using a powerful UV light to help identify metal fissures and weak areas at depth, and as it’s rated to 3,400m, ROVs and other vehicles can shed UV light at depth for a variety of offshore inspection applications.

Whether used in ship inspection, or for myriad military and offshore oil and gas applications, this low voltage BIRNS UV light has brilliant LED illumination in conjunction with a UV lamp, so it operates safely both in and out of the water. Plus, it’s a ballast-free system, with instant On/Off capabilities, making it extremely easy and convenient to use. The BIRNS Snooperette-UV is highly versatile, compact (Ø76mm), and is perfect for divers, cameras and ROVs.

Incredibly versatile and rugged, the BIRNS Snooperette-UV is rated to 3400m and provides powerful ultraviolet illumination to identify structural damage, oil leakage, or cracks in underwater metal structures.

Model CEF2S16-xxx:
Power cable assembly, xxx-feet long; includes standard cable connector, stainless steel cable locking sleeve (63A-003) and heavy-duty Hubbell plug installed, on 16/2 Aquaprene SO cable. (Note: the plug is not included on lengths shorter than 20 feet.)

Due to electrical resistance inherent in any power cable, voltage line loss will occur over long cable lengths. The BIRNS VTXTM (sold separately) automatically compensates for cable line loss over any length of cable.