Modèle Corona

Grand projecteur de fabrication robuste pour éclairage général , inspection de bassin, de réacteur, turbine. Utilisation mixte (air /eau-30m) sur de longues périodes, faible niveau de maintenance et éclairage très puissant 132 000 Lumens.

The BIRNS CoronaTM, BIRNS Model 5220, is the world’s most advanced, high performance nuclear-grade high-intensity light. This brilliant, low maintenance 132,000 lumen high pressure sodium vapor system can be operated for indefinite periods in air and immersed into cold water without damage. The BIRNS Corona is based on proven BIRNS nuclear lighting technology, in concert with the immense illumination and long lamp life afforded by HID high pressure sodium vapor. It has unmatched light output, is easily decontaminated, and relamps by hand in 60 seconds with 1kW commercially-available lamps, providing the lowest operating costs of any industry lighting system. It has a detachable BIRNS MSSG-3-CP power cable assembly, and is meticulously engineered—with a rugged all-stainless construction with innovative screen, protection bars, metal connector and quartz dome.

The rugged BIRNS Corona is used for fuel pool lighting, turbine inspection, and illumination of the reactor cavity during fuel handling, but can be used in any application where long-term use, extreme low levels of maintenance and high luminous output are required.

• Unique mirror-finish parabolic reflector maximizes light output
• 24,000 hour lamp life

• Commercially-available lamps (less than $200 each)

• 132,000 lumens
• Easy tool-free 60-second screen removal and relamping
• Versatile and rugged design
Unparalleled strength and rigidity of housing
Rugged, type 304 stainless-steel indexed connectors
• Reinforced screen provides additional mechanical protection

Technical Data
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