Modèle XT120 - N

Petit projecteur immergé pour caméra, photographie, surveillance. Faisceau de 74° pour une très bonne illumination générale sans “points chauds”. Tension d’alimentation 120 / 240 VDC-AC

BIRNS XT120-NTM Powerful, Versatile Underwater Camera Light
The 5,000 lumen BIRNS XT120-NTM, BIRNS Model 5650, is a powerful, rugged, low profile (Ø76mm) 120 or 240 VAC or VDC underwater directional light, providing brilliant illumination that’s ideal for camera work and remote viewing. It’s rugged, lightweight and easy to manipulate and mount, and relamps in under 30 seconds. Its special aluminized parabolic internal reflector will never discolor, and even the murkiest water won’t decrease its efficiency. It is seamless to decontaminate, with no exposed threads or rough edges. It comes complete with mounting yoke assembly and choice of lamp and lens. Mates to a CEF3S power cable assembly. Choose 100W, 150W, or 250W lamps.

Tailored for nuclear power facility underwater photography and remote viewing applications—its uniform 74° beam shines through the depths without ‘hot spots’.

• 5,000 lumens

• Voltage flexibility: 120 or 240 VAC or VDC

• Small size (Ø76mm / Ø3.0" OD)

• 3400m depth rating
Fast, easy wire-free maintenance
30-second tool-free relamping

• 3000K brilliant white light
Tungsten-halogen, commercially-available lamps

• No warm-up time; no ballast needed

• Options include eight lenses and three mounts
• Commercial-grade Class A GFCI (ELCB) compatibility

Technical data
>> BIRNS XT120-N Equipment & Options

>> BIRNS XT120-N Technical Data

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