Standard features

Basic reel assy. with brake & carry case
Barrel strap
Swivel release pulley assy.
Vice-grip clamp assy.
Rope pull assy.
Large triple hook assy.
1” (25.4 mm) double hook assy.
Double suction cup assy. with bridge
Wedge-it® assy.
Cantilever clamp assy.
Spring clamp assy.
0.5” (12.7 mm) hook
1” (25.4 mm) hook
2” (50.8 mm) hook 2
Pulley release cylinder assy.
3.54” (90 mm) piton
2.75” (70 mm) piton
Leatherman® multi function tool

Rope sling with eyes
Carabiner, large screw gate
Carabiner, medium screw gate
Wire sling 0.12” (3mm) x 79” (2m)
Telescopic pole assy. With hook holder 10’ (305 cm)
Hook setter assy.
Self-locking hook assy.
Flat hook base assy.
Locking forceps
Standard snatch block
Fireman snap
Adhesive anchor assy.
Ultimate pelican® carry case
Door stop
Door way anchor assy.
10″ (25.4 cm) heavy duty clamp anchor
Line branch
Snatch block, one way lock
Auxiliary line, 33′ (10m)
30″ (76cm) flat bungee
4″ (10cm) screw eye, ss
D-shackle, ss
Spiral ground anchor