Nouvelle valise Storm Case™

im3410 3q civil engineering tools high.800


Peli  Products,  le  leader mondial  dans  la  conception  et  la  fabrication  de solutions   de   valises   haute   performance  et de systèmes d'éclairage portables avancés,  présente  sa  nouvelle  valise iM3410 Peli™ Storm Case™, pensée pour le transport d'objets longs. 

Idéale pour le transport des trépieds, des fusils longs et de tout type d'équipement allongé et fin, la valise  présente  un  espace  de  rangement  possible  de  53,5  litres.  Le  polymère  HPX™  haute performance aide à protéger les équipements des  conditions les plus rudes.
La valise comprend des roulettes  en  acier  inoxydable  et  polyuréthane  avec  un  système  de  roulement  à  billes  ainsi  qu'une poignée caoutchoutée extra-large qui garantit une prise et un confort absolus. Elle dispose également de  protections  à  cadenas  en  acier  inoxydable  intégrées  pour  tenir davantage la valise à l’abri des coupures et des vols.  
En outre, les verrous pousser-tirer extrêmement solides garantissent la sûreté de la valise même dans les  situations  difficiles. Le joint  torique  en  polymère  sur  les verrous  permet  de  créer  une protection contre la poussière et l’eau.
Parmi les fonctionnalités supplémentaires, on compte une valve de compensation de pression automatique Vortex™, qui empêche l’humidité de pénétrer dans la valise, évite  le  verrouillage  par  le  vide  et  permet  ainsi  une ouverture aisée à n’importe quelle altitude. Le verrou PeliLock, conforme aux normes TSA, est également disponible en tant qu’accessoire. Grâce à lui, le personnel de l’aéroport, qui est muni d’un passe-partout spécifique, n’aura pas besoin de couper le verrou lors des inspections de sécurité.



Nouveau robot d'intervention le CALIBER® MK4



Equipped with a heavy duty claw and Twin-Disrupter Turret the CALIBER® MK4 Comes standard with mission critical dependent features. Based on recommendations from bomb technicians, the robot is completely modular, allowing for easy platform upgrades, field repair and part replacement and reduces annual maintenance costs.

The variable speed transmission rapidly accelerates the robot up to 2.2 mph (3.5 km/h), while providing the low end torque to climb stairs and drag a fully loaded battle wagon for VBIED countermeasures. The rubber tracks can manoeuvre over various types of rugged terrain including snow, mud and sand.



 BIRNS WINS NEW LED EMERGENCY LIGHTING FIXTURE CONTRACT IN SPAIN. Supplying More Than 300 Seismically Qualified Lighting Systems to C.N. Almara

BIRNS, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 certified global leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance lights for demanding nuclear applications, has received a new lighting contract for Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant in Almaraz, Spain. BIRNS provided a comprehensive illumination study for the station for upgrading its lighting systems in its control rooms and hallways, and then developed an action plan that included supplying more than 300 BIRNS Emergency Lighting Fixture-LEDsfor the station’s two pressurized water reactors (1049 and 1044 MWe). The BIRNS ELF-LEDs™ are brilliant wall-mounted lighting solutions that deliver 24-40 hours of high intensity emergency illumination in the event of SBO or loss of AC power (10CFR50.63), and are precision engineered for use inside primary nuclear containment. 

The units are seismically qualified per IEEE-344, capable of withstanding a major earthquake, and feature integral sealed rechargeable batteries and solid-state charging circuitry providing superior performance. The systems also have a robust stainless steel construction resistant to humidity, acids, and other corrosives. BIRNS ELF-LEDs are designed in accordance with UL 924, ‟Emergency Lighting Equipment” and NFPA 70, ‟National Electrical Code” and help comply with NRC EA-12-049/SECY-11-0124, especially near-term actions 4.1 and 4.2, and 10CFR50.54(hh)(2).


BIRNS : Optical penetrator


BIRNS Develops New ABS Certified Optical Penetrators

BIRNS, Inc. was recently called upon to develop a unique set of ABS certified fiber optic penetrators for a manned submersible.  BIRNS, an ISO 9001:2008 certified global leader in the development of high performance connectors, custom cable assemblies, penetrators and lighting systems for the subsea market, engineered the exclusive penetrator design that included six single mode optical fibers. The robust penetrators were custom overmolded in BIRNS’ NAVSEA PRO-020 certified molding facility, and feature low insertion loss of < .2dB and high return loss of >35dB. 

The certification for optical penetrators was new territory for ABS, so the organization worked with BIRNS to develop rules for witnessing the testing of the new design. While the two optical penetrators called for a 1,000 meter depth rating, BIRNS can design the line with ratings to 6,000m, along with options for a range of fiber counts.

Connecteurs Birns Aquamate

AMERICA’S CUP - BIRNS Aquamate connectors – 14 each MCIL3M and 14 MCIL3F - were installed on the six participating vessels in the American Cup race in November 2011 in San Diego. The connectors and cable terminations were supplied by Scorpion Oceanics as part of a new safety lighting system required on all racing boats taking part in the race.

ASTUTE SUBMARINE – BIRNS Aquamate connectors have been installed on the new Royal Navy's Astute Class submarines. The Astute is a nuclear-powered attack submarine which will replace the five Swiftsure Class submarines, launched between 1973 and 1977 and approaching the end of their operational life.

OLMSTED DAM, ILLINOIS – BIRNS Aquamate connectors were specified for the inclinometers used by the US ARMY Corps of Engineers for aligning and placing the dam sections for the Olmsted Dam project. This $1 Billion project, approved by the US Congress, is a major improvement in the overcrowded waterway hub connecting the Ohio River at Mile Ohio River Mile 964.4, with the Tennessee, Cumberland, and Mississippi Rivers.

Projecteur BIRNS

New BIRNS Titan™ 4,000 Watt HMI Flood light Trailblazing with 380,000 Lumens     

 OXNARD, CA − BIRNS, Inc. has been blazing new trails in marine illumination for the last six decades andis now pleased to     introduce the newest lighting innovation in the sea: the BIRNS Titan™. This robust 4,000 watt, intensely bright lighting system delivers 380,000 lumens with its hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lamp. The powerful lamp features a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of Ra > 90 and 6,000K color temperature. It provides massive light output, mixing mercury vapor with metal halides in a quartz-glass envelope, and energizing the resulting mixture with two tungsten electrodes of medium arc separation.

The housing on this innovative new light system is especially rugged—crafted from tempered cast aluminum. The lens is powerfully constructed to withstand intensely rigorous salvage, security and offshore applications, made from tempered borosilicate 19mm thick glass. The BIRNS Titan also comes with a sturdy stainless steel mounting yoke, so the light can be adjusted and set in a wide range of positions. It includes an exclusive power system which integrates BIRNS high performance metal shell subsea connectors, and a robust braided shielded cable. The light’s output is controlled with an advanced dimmable electronic ballast.