BIRNS Refueling Light

lampe de diamètre < à 11 cm, suspendue sur câble avec une forte illumination à 360 ° ( 26 000 lumens ) pour inspection de tubes ou conduits de faible section. Décontamination facile. Profondeur d’utilisation 30m. Remplacement de l’ampoule : 60 secondes.

BIRNS Refueling LightTM
The 26,000 lumen BIRNS Refueling LightTM, BIRNS model 5723, is an excellent general-purpose underwater droplight designed for safety and easy maintenance. It is available in anodized aluminum (Models 5721 and 5723) or stainless steel (Models 5725 and 5727), with your choice of lamp, up to 1,000 watts (120V) or 500 watts (240V).

This well-engineered light was crafted to provide simple decontamination, and compatibility with all commercial GFCI/ELCB systems. It has captivated seals and unique 60-second tool free relamping ability and supports affordable, commercially available lamps. Mating cable assembly CEF3S16- x ('-x' is the cable length in feet).

With ultra-bright 360° illumination for a wide range of fuel pool applications —easy to suspend and maneuver, simple to decontaminate—it’s tailored to provide versatile, low profile reliability in small or large openings safely and effectively.

• 26,000 lumens

• 60-second tool-free relamping
Inexpensive, commercially-available lamps
• Ø109mm
Easy decontamination
Compatibility with all Class A GFCI/ELCB systems
• Brilliant 360° illumination

Technical Data
>> BIRNS Refueling Light 5723 Technical Data

Support Materials
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