Modèle Curie II

lampe de diamètre < à 9 cm, avec une très forte illumination à 360 ° ( 59000 lumens ). De fabrication robuste pour en environnement hautement radioactif et contaminé. Peut être suspendue sur câble ou monté sur support. Usage : inspection , éclairage et vidéo . Décontamination facile. Profondeur d’utilisation 100 m. Remplacement de l’ampoule : 60 secondes

The BIRNS Curie IITM, BIRNS Model 5741, is the world's most advanced general purpose underwater 360° droplight. Only Ø89mm, its 120V/2,000W lamp emits a powerful 59,000 lumens of 3200K light, using ballast-less Hg- free lamps. With 304 stainless construction throughout, it also features a redundantly-sealed stainless-steel electrical connector. This item is fully integral to the light housing (the two are made of a single block of Type 304 stainless) and is indexed (keyed) such that it is impossible to mis-mate or damage the connectors.

The BIRNS Curie connector does not depend on the rubber-coated pin method of sealing seen in competing units. Instead, it has redundant captivated o-ring seals in stainless steel grooves, to preclude any possibility of electrical leakage. So the BIRNS Curie, like all BIRNS lights, will operate reliably on GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) without tripping. Plus, GFCI/ELCB compatibility makes it extremely versatile. Options include a non-browning lens and mirror-finish stainless steel reflector.

The BIRNS Curie is incredibly ruggedand trusted worldwide for underwater use in areas with high levels of radiation and nuclear contamination, and for localized inspection and filming. Tailored for use in reactor cavities, its high light output and compact size make it perfect for tight spaces requiring intense illumination. It is rated to 100M and can be suspended by its cable for general-purpose drop light use, but can also be mounted.

• Brilliant 59,000 Lumens of 3200K true-white light
• 60-second tool-free relamping
• Commercially-available, Hg-free lamps

• Small (3.5" OD) size
• Ballast-free Operation

• Instant On/Off; Hot-Restrike; 0-100% dimming

• Compatible with all Class A GFCIs (ELCBs)

• Rugged, stainless steel inside-containment construction
• Integral stainless-steel connectors, indexed (keyed) for easy operation.

Technical Data
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Support Materials
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