Modèle TubeLight

lampe de diamètre < à 5 cm, suspendue sur câble avec une forte illumination à 360 ° pour inspection de tubes ou conduits de faible section. Peut être montée en paire si besoin. Profondeur d’utilisation 30m. Remplacement de l’ampoule : 60 secondes.

The BIRNS TubeLightTM, BIRNS Model 5710, delivers powerful 10,000+ lumen brilliance for underwater drop-light use in confined spaces. It’s compact (only Ø48mm) and versatile (100W to 500W) with a wide range of accessories to tailor it to a variety of demanding nuclear applications. It provides 360° illumination, operates at up to 300M, and has sturdy stainless-steel construction. It provides easy decontamination, comprehensive GFCI/ELCB compatibility, and has a unique wire-free design. It uses a detachable power cable assembly, and an optional suspension assembly is available.

Perfect for bright illumination of narrow inspection tubes, or for complete, easy to manipulate 360° lighting of any pool. It is easily suspended by its cable for general-purpose submerged drop light use, and can be mounted singly or in pairs for use with underwater cameras.

• 10,000+ lumens

• Brilliant 360° illumination
Choice of 120 or 240 volt use (AC or DC)
Small size (Ø48mm / 1.9" OD)
Easy decontamination
Tool-free mateable subsea-grade underwater connector Customizable lamp, dome, reflector and mount options 60-second tool-free relamping for seamless maintenance Tungsten-halogen, commercially-available "white" light lamps

• No warm-up time, no ballast needed

• Case ground (earth) connection compatible with all commercially-
available Class A GFCIs (ELCBs)

Technical data
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Support materials
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