BIRNS SIZE "P38" Penetrator has 1.5-12-UN-2A mounting threads, and is available with up to 56 conductors. The standard configuration includes 3m (10') of neoprene-jacketed cable inboard and outboard; other cable lengths and materials are available. The outboard cable may be 90o or 180o. Specify other conductor sizes, stem lengths, configurations, and/or materials.

To mount the P38100 penetrator, insert the penetrator into its mounting hole in the bulkhead, and install the first jam-nut until it is against the bulkhead. While holding the penetrator in place, achieve 12-16 in-lbs of torque on the first jam-nut against the bulkhead. Then assemble the second jam-nut on top of the first jam nut and torque it to 25-30 in-lbs while holding the first jam nut stationary.

This may be difficult to do because jam nuts have a short height and a thin wrench or a crow’s foot may be required in order to hold the first nut against the bulkhead. If you have sufficient available space, the same effect can also be achieved with two full nuts—or a full nut and jam nut, which would make holding one nut while torquing the other easier. The same procedure is used above where the first nut has the lower torque value.

Support Materials
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